Why should you eat collagen?

Collagen is an essential part of our skin, hair and nails. As we age the production of collagen declines at a speed of about 1% each year. A reduction in collagen production leads to older looking skin. Wrinkles start to show and our skin becomes saggy and less firm. Also, our hair becomes less shiny and our nails more brittle.

You should eat collagen in order to keep your skin youthful, your hair shiny and your nails strong.


What does science say about collagen?

Several scientific studies have researched the benefits of collagen in your diet. While many studies found that collagen added to skin care products is hardly beneficial, as the collagen molecules are too large to penetrate the outer layers of the skin, other studies found that including collagen into your diet has several health benefits.

We believe in scientifically backed up nutritional supplements. Therefore, we will do our best to constantly update this side and inform you about the latest research about skincare.

We already put a few together, take a look:


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