Don’t we all know the incredible good feeling we experience after finishing a tough workout? In fact, every time we work out our body releases endorphins, hormones that are responsible for our mood lift. But if you belong to one of those people that still don’t feel like working out on a regular basis you should read this blogpost. I created a list of the top seven reasons why you should never miss a workout (and no – weight loss is not the only reason to do sports ;)) .  Every time you feel low in motivation just go back to this list and I promise you will be in your sport shoes in no time.


  1. You might live longer

You probably know that smoking drastically decreases your life expectancy. So, congratulations if you are not smoking. But here’s what you might not know: a study found that exercising on a regular basis can increase your life expectancy as much as to quit smoking can. What more do you need to know? But keep reading.


  1. Your muscles will grow and you will burn more calories

If you exercise regularly your muscles will start growing. This has several advantages. First of all, you will start burning more calories throughout the day and also at night. Secondly, even when you don’t loose any weight your body shape will appear to be slimmer because you start loosing body fat and replace it with muscle mass. Muscle mass has a much higher density than fat and hence will appear to be smaller.



  1. Exercisse helps you to destress

Exercising helps you to reduce stress. Through exercising your heart rate increases “can actually reverse damage to the brain caused by stressful events”. Also, it is important to find an activity that you enjoy doing. Anything you enjoy doing won’t stress you and won’t feel like another obligation. Instead you will start looking forward to your next exercise. Why not try out something new, like Zumba, thai boxing or hill climbing?



  1. Exercise will boost your energy

Aren’t we all guilty of it: drinking one cup of coffee after another. And why: because we are just so tired all the time and want to feel that extra kick. While coffee indeed can lift you up, the effect doesn’t last very long and soon you will feel the well-known energy crash. Luckily, exercise can give you an equal energy boost that doesn’t lead to a crash. Simply take a five-minute break and do some pushups or squats. A quick walk on the fresh air helps as well. Try it!


  1. Your mood will increase

As mentioned above exercising can lift your mood. This has several reasons: first of all after working out you know that you have achieved something. Your body enjoys the movement, so much indeed that every time you exercise your body releases endorphins. Endorphines not only make you happy but also let you feel powerful. Now you know why you feel so incredibly great after exercising.


  1. Your memory will improve

Several studies have shown that exercising regularly has a significant effect on your brain and can boost your memory and thinking skill. If you would like to read more about it check out this Harvard Health blog post:


  1. You’ll feel in control of your life

Here’s my favorite tip: I like getting up early in the morning and doing a quick exercise routine that only takes me 7 minutes. Yes, only 7 minutes. Why? Because 7 minutes are sufficient to not only boost your mood first thing in the morning but also give you an energy kick and most importantly make you feel like you have accomplished something before the day even started.



Are you convinced now to stick to your workout routine? Le tme know in the comments below.