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Facial mist is the latest and hottest new skincare product. People who are familiar with the Korean skincare routine might be also know about facial mist, but the rest of us might still wonder what facial mist is and what it is good for.


As a facial mist lover, I did not only quite some research about facial mist but also put together the most important facts about it and created and tested my own facial mist recipes. In this article, you will learn:


  • what facial mist is
  • what benefits facial mist has
  • how to make your own facial mist


Let’s get started : )


Facial mist or facial essence (which is essentially the same) is a water based liquid that is usually applied or sprayed onto the skin and functions as a refresher with moisturizing benefits. It is especially popular during the summer months due to its cooling properties.


Facial mist is good for moisturizing and refreshing your skin. It can lead to a to temporarily dewy glow if your skin feels dry and can also lift your mood due to its commonly pleasant scent.


While you can buy facial mist in many variants, such as on amazon, I recommend making your own. Making your own facial mist is not only cheaper, but usually also better for you skin, as you’ll have full control over what goes into your facial mist. Like your body reacts better to all natural, non-processed foods, almost the same is true for your skin. I have seen great changes in my own skin since using almost only all organic and self-made skincare products.


I have put together three of my favorite facial mist recipes. Each one has different benefits.



What you need:


For making your own facial mist you only need three ingredients, including water, essential oils and an emulsifier, and a spray bottle.


Before you start mixing your mist, you will need an empty spray bottle, anywhere between 30-100 ml (in case you want to take it on an air plane). You can usually find some spray bottles at Primark or on amazon. I bought a pack of several spray bottles since I use them quite frequently.


If you just purchased the bottle, I recommend cleaning it before using it to make sure that no chemicals will get onto your skin. I usually use a little bit of alcohol to do so. I take a tissue and put a few drops of alcohol on it and then I clean the bottle using a Q-tip. Water works well, too. Alcohol is just to be safe.


What you need to know about the ingredients


Essential Oils & Emulsifier

When first trying to make my own facial mist, I tried out different recipes that usually suggested to use some water combined with a few drops of essential oils. Sounds great and simple. However, essential oils consist of oil (nah!) and hence do not mix with water (at all).


Therefore, if you just mix water with (essential) oil you will end up spraying pure water on your face. Maybe with a little bit of scent but in the end you won’t get all the promised benefits. Worse: once your bottle gets empty you will spray highly concentrated essential oils onto you face! Essential oils need to be treated with caution! Most people, including myself, don’t take this warning seriously. I had to make an unpleasant experience myself when I was experimenting with essential oils. I was carelessly adding drops of Geranium Essential Oil to rosehip oil. The essential oil was still so highly concentrated that my skin (which is naturally very smooth) became extremely rough. It was a very unpleasant feeling and it took almost two weeks until my skin went back to normal.


Of course, you could shake your bottle very well each time before spraying but I prefer staying on the safe side. That’s why I am always using some kind of emulsifier. An emulsifier is a molecule that consists of an alcohol-loving and a water-loving end and is therefore is able to combine the two liquids.


Luckily nowadays you have a few options to choose from. As skin friendly emulsifier, I recommend using either witch hazel or vegetable glycerin. Hazel witch is plant native to North America and is often used to treat acne. Hence, it is ideal if you have oily skin.

You can either get it at your local drugstore, which I recommend, or you can get it on amazon. This one is quite good and affordable.


Alternatively, you can use vegetable glycerin (VG). VG is a colorless and odorless liquid that is usually extracted from coconut and palm fats. It is very affordable and tends to balance oily skin and moisturize dry skin. I usually use VG because I tend to have dry skin. You can get VG on eBay or amazon. I haven’t seen it in too many drugstores, but you can try your luck.



Regarding the water, I recommend using distilled water. You can buy it very cheaply at eBay or amazon. Just make sure it is either cosmetic grade or food grade. The reason why distilled water is better than normal water is because your mist will last longer.



#1 – Anti-Aging Facial Mist


Simple version:

1 cup of distilled water

2 drops of rosehip essential oil

Emulsifier (about ¼ cup of VG or 2 tbs. of witch hazel)


Fancy version

1/2 cup of distilled water

1/2 cup of rose water

2 drops of rosehip essential oil

4 drops of Vitamin E oil




Place all ingredients in your empty spray bottle, put the lid back on and shake well.


#2 Anti- Breakout Facial Mist


You need:

1 cup of distilled water

2 tbs. witch hazel

2  drops of lavender oil

2 drops of rose essential oil



Place all ingredients in your empty spray bottle, put the lid back on and shake well.



#3 – Cooling Facial Mist


1/2 cup aloe vera gel (alternatively distilled water)

1/2 cup witch hazel

2-3 drops of peppermint essential oil



Place all ingredients in your empty spray bottle, put the lid back on and shake well.


Let me know how the recipes worked for you and which one is your favorite! 🙂


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